Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Use Organic Cosmetics?

Ok, so my cousin(who is one of my heros bytheway) turned me onto this site called nature's knockout, it is two celebrity makeup artists who teach women about the harmful chemicals found in makeup, skincare and all the other lovely cosmetic products we use(sarcastic tone). PLUS, they have great tutorials for makeup,hair and fashion...LOVE IT!


So here is the deal, I am starting to become more "green" and I don't mean becoming sick or dying my hair. I am talking about becoming more conscious of my environments; And shielding myself from harmful effects that everyday toxins and chemicals have on and in my body. And since we are on the topic of "green" I can give a small shout out to our friend the Planet! Go Recycle!

Alright ladies and fellas(I added them just in case my husband is reading you!), here is a pop quiz:

  • Does the make up and lotions we put on our faces really make THAT big of a difference in our overall health? I mean, seriously you just put it on and then wipe it off right? Isn't beauty only skin deep?

  • What about deodorants?  Doesn't it come off on your clothes? I always have to reapply when I change shirts (especially if I wear black). I know this because I can see the spot where the deodorant met the material! Maybe it's because I buy the cheap stuff:)

Now before you start to sweat and get test anxiety, you don't have to fill this out and get it to me by 4pm on Friday.  This is more of a mental type just have to think of the answer...

I'll wait.........


Ok, now when I  give you the answers, pat yourself on the back, head or rear end if you get it right:D ( I almost wish I had a hidden camera on each of your computers to see if you actually do one of those...ha ha!)

(clears throat)...Moving on....

The makeups, skin care and other everyday products DO make a big difference in our overall health! I digress... It seems as though everything causes cancer these days but, hear me out. Harmful chemicals and toxins are absorbed into the body and mess with our systems through our makeup, skincare, shampoos, body washes etc. Did you know that the harmful ingredients actually mess with our hormones???!! Now there is one thing I know being a woman, I DO NOT and repeat, DO NOT want anything else messing with my hormones! And if that means just switching my shampoo or a bar of soap, SIGN ME UP!

Consider this, here are a couple of videos from the website nature's knockout that talks about harmful ingredients found in some of our everyday products. AND why they largely affect our everyday health.


I will be doing a product review from my FAVORITE ECO-FRIENDLY STORE about how GREAT and AFFORDABLE their mineral makeup line is. Here is to happy hormones!!!!


  1. Motherof3...

    Great post! Very entertaining and informative. Loved the movies.

  2. Let me know if there is anything you want to see posted on here. I LOVE suggestions:)

  3. Hey Brit! Awww....I wasn't expecting a shout out! You're a knock out yourself! Woot! Woot!


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