Friday, May 13, 2011

My Own "Cascade" Commercial

Have you seen that Cascade commercial where a lady walks into her kitchen, opens her dishwasher and realizes she forgot to turn the dishwasher on the night before?  And that Cascade is supposed to rectify the situation?  Well, what if I forgot TWO nights or THREE nights?  Would Cascade be able to tackle THAT?  I don't really know, but what I DO know is I found a product that WILL!  It's called Diamond Bright, it's chemical free and it makes my dishes shine! The product is from my favorite Eco-Friendly store. If you want to see more click here. If you are interested in buying, please let me know!

 Here is the result:


Can you tell I didn't rinse it off?  I am lazy....

This is How Much I used(about 3/4 full)
This is my "Cascade"







  1. I noticed the red nails too!!! haha. But totally cool and clean dishes!

  2. LOL! I try to keep Grandma Clayton's memory alive! It's pretty much the only color I wear:)

  3. Hi Brittany,
    Following you from Linkedin. Love your Blog and hope you'll stop by and follow back on FB momsflexbiz OR blog or both LOL

    I agree - Diamond Brite is amazing :-) Love how it has no amonia, no chlorine bleach and no phosphates - WOW WOW WOW.


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