Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Wall Art Made From Toilet Paper Rolls, Recycled Books and Poster Board!

I LOVE Sunburst Mirrors! Up until now I thought I just couldn't afford them....but now that I know I can make them out of TOILET PAPER ROLLS or CEREAL BOXES, I am SO making one!!!! Aren't these people so creative?!!!  Click on the the pictures and they will take you to the blog I stole it from and their tutorial:)


Toilet Paper Rolls RULE!

Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art On Blue2

This Starburst Mirror was made from POSTER BOARD! NO KIDDING!
home style

Book Page Mirror entry small

Book Pages!  Books at Goodwill cost 99 cents! BOO YA!

Recycled Book Pages Again...BEAUTIFUL!!  I can't wait to make one!  You can even paint them! How cool is that?

all crafts 11 Paper Craft Designs  {to make}

Can you tell I am excited about these?  Did I put enough capitals and exclamation points?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Great blog! Following back from kicards.blogspot.com!

  2. I have been reading a lot on here and have picked up some great ideas. You are so inspirational. Wished I would take the time to write my own blog – but I’m afraid I’m not persistent and nobody would read it anyway ) – so I keep coming back and enjoy your stories
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