Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mirror Re-purposed

Have I mentioned that I LOVE to decorate?  Well, I DO! But, I not only LOVE to decorate...I LOVE to create it! See, I cant't{and won't} afford to buy  nice, new furniture, shelves flowers, plants, baskets etc. I mean I COULD wait until we move into a house{in 4 years} OR I could just get creative! And to be honest...I would rather make it than pay full price.

So, it turns out that being a Dental School wife brings out some hidden talents{snicker}.  So, I decided to share my creative side with you all:)  This is  thrown together "Before and After."

Here we go:

Just about every weekend my husband and I hit the garage sales. And a few weekends ago, we found this AWESOME mirror for only !$5!{I KNOW! I can find some GREAT stuff}.
The mirror looked something like the top of this dresser:

Photo Credit

It is a little different...the mirror was about the same size but, it was detached from the dresser and there is an embellishment on the top{between the mirror and the frame, you will see what I mean later}.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but !$5?! I could NOT pass it up!  But, I soon came across how I wanted it to turn out {at least color wise} It's illustrated in this picture:

Obviously the wood is different but, I liked this idea:)
                                                                           Photo Credit

So here comes the best part..THE REVEAL!  I am pretty stoked about it, what do you think?

So  this is what I did:

I spray painted the frame metallic gold, then painted over it with black{with different directions with the brush for texture and some dry brushing techniques}
Plus, i distressed the paint{not the wood, I scraped off some black after I painted it} by the embellishment.
Overall it was really fun!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organize That Dang Purse!

Is this how you react to the inside of your purse?

Here are some suggestions on a few purse organizers. Some are homemade and others you can just buy:)

Just click here to see the tutorial

Click the here to see tutorial

Click the here to see tutorial

Just Buy It!
Click it! They'll Accept it!

Have a Healthy Day!

PS- I am not an affiliate with these products....
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