Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mirror Re-purposed

Have I mentioned that I LOVE to decorate?  Well, I DO! But, I not only LOVE to decorate...I LOVE to create it! See, I cant't{and won't} afford to buy  nice, new furniture, shelves flowers, plants, baskets etc. I mean I COULD wait until we move into a house{in 4 years} OR I could just get creative! And to be honest...I would rather make it than pay full price.

So, it turns out that being a Dental School wife brings out some hidden talents{snicker}.  So, I decided to share my creative side with you all:)  This is  thrown together "Before and After."

Here we go:

Just about every weekend my husband and I hit the garage sales. And a few weekends ago, we found this AWESOME mirror for only !$5!{I KNOW! I can find some GREAT stuff}.
The mirror looked something like the top of this dresser:

Photo Credit

It is a little different...the mirror was about the same size but, it was detached from the dresser and there is an embellishment on the top{between the mirror and the frame, you will see what I mean later}.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but !$5?! I could NOT pass it up!  But, I soon came across how I wanted it to turn out {at least color wise} It's illustrated in this picture:

Obviously the wood is different but, I liked this idea:)
                                                                           Photo Credit

So here comes the best part..THE REVEAL!  I am pretty stoked about it, what do you think?

So  this is what I did:

I spray painted the frame metallic gold, then painted over it with black{with different directions with the brush for texture and some dry brushing techniques}
Plus, i distressed the paint{not the wood, I scraped off some black after I painted it} by the embellishment.
Overall it was really fun!

Thanks for looking!

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