Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is Your Home Healthy?

    Forgive me as I personify where I live:)  I know I have been driving home{pardon the pun}the existence of chemicals in our homes and our lives. Well, I have become a believer! TRUST ME, I wasn't before! I didn't think it least not to the extent I had heard on the news and what not.  The news always blows things out of proportion right?
Here is my conclusion thus far, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!! I didn't expect it too! Especially if you convert your home{I am doing it slowly}to being more chemical free.

 I am also a HUGE fan of the medical field and scientific research and more and more studies are showing the harmful effects of chemicals on our children, spouses, pets, granparents, parents etc. And not just small things we are talking Alzheimers, Asthma, Leukemia, Brain Cancer{I know...everything causes cancer}, mental retardation and many more.

Now, I know you are asking yourself, "All that from chemicals? I want to see proof!" Don't blame ya! I thought overly protective parents and environmentalists{have you ever noticed the word"mental" in that word?Just sayin'}went around barking about it! Well, now I have joined the club:){Guess you could say I am "mental" too:} I don't think I could ever go back to the cleaners I used to use!

Since you and I are like minded, let me direct you to some references:{disclaimer: some of the links on these pages don't work...sorry, but what does is GREAT info!} Here, Here, Here, oh and Here, hmmm...Here, Then Here.  Wait one more! HERE!

These resources have really opened my eye about living chemical free...or at least trying! Hope this was insightful!

Have A Healthy Day!

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