Thursday, May 5, 2011

Second Salad

I am on number two!  The salad I made this time I added more veggies.  The more veggies the better!  I also took a pro biotic from my favorite store and WOW did it work!  I will spare you the details but the vitamins I am taking are awesome!

Back to my delicious salad....

This time, instead of just tossing the vegetables in the bowl right after I cut them, I seasoned them and actually "grilled" them in my pan with olive oil....yummy! The flavors of the vegetables are sweetened if you grill, bake or fry them.  I learned that from the Food Network(I basically lived on the couch for two years because I was really sick and pregnant with my babies so I watched A LOT of TV aka Food Network and TLC:)
So, here is a couple pictures and the recipe...

Lettuce(of course!)
Asparagus( I had never used this vegetable before and I really liked it!)
Chicken(Left over from last night, seasoned with Mrs. Dash Table Blend)
Salad Dressing(The Super Fruit one I used last night too, you know me and the sweet stuff!)

Hope you enjoy!

Have A Healthy Day

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