Thursday, May 12, 2011

Make An Attractive Storage Container Out Of...... A Diaper Box?

The title says it all! I was so delighted when I found this tutorial! I don't know about you but, organizing is NOT my forte! I need professional help!  I even thought about paying someone to teach me how to organize because I am so bad.  But one thing I learned from my Mom, Mother-in-law and others, is containers are your friend! Ok, fair enough, except the PRICE TAG!  SheEsH! Even when they are "on sale" they are too expensive for me to buy. Especially the cute ones{bummer}. So I had concluded{before I saw this container tutorial}, that if containers are the answer to my organizing problems, then I am in trouble and so are my money resources. HOWEVER! Thanks to the creative minds of today, I can feel creative AND save money{LOVE IT!}

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I LOVE the one ones on the right{plus, they are easier to make} You would never know these were made form plain cardboard boxes!!! They look great! Ya? And better yet, create your own twist on them! Customize them to match your decor! Make them as simple or as complex as you want! Don't you just hate it when the ugliest container is on sale and the "perfect" one is the most expensive? Ya, been there...

Whose to say the creator of the so called container should make the decision on what you put in your house, huh?  Well, this is this is how I feel about it: I am going to Make My Own!!HA!

I found the tutorial from the blog Positively Slendid.  Check out this website! I may have hope in the organization world after all!

Have a Healthy Day!

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  1. that is awesome! I am also going to make the bird feeder!!! Love them!


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