Monday, May 2, 2011

WDYD: What Do YOU Do?

So, I am just curious...

I know everyone has some sort of ailment whether it be permanent or temporary.  Or if you are like me, you have both! I struggle with depression which has resulted in taking medication and counseling.  It runs in my family...

But, even though we all struggle with our varies physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual challenges, there are ways to improve our situation! I want to know how you all have improved your situation(s).  Either with mediations, miracle creams, vitamins, or even eating better! I know MANY people who have turned their life around by just eating better. One of my favorite fixes is humor...I love to laugh!

  Or if you are looking to improve your situation. I would love comments and questions! (This will also give me some GREAT ideas on more blog ideas:)

Thanks so much everyone!

Have a Healthy Day!


  1. Hi there, well I too have depression and I am on Zolft and in counselling to.. I have had to turn to the Lord every day.. It runs in my family, my mother and aunts have it to. I started to sew and do things for myself. I have 3 small children under the age of 5 and we don't live by any family.. yea it's been so hard.. But like you said laughing and just keep on my meds and on top of things and I'm good to go.. it helps to that I can talk about my issues to people because I never used to do that, I kept it all bottled up inside..Not a good thing.. Hope your having a good Spring so far!!

  2. To Mommies World--Thanks so much for sharing!!! I also think not being afraid is something that I had to learn. Pray is definitely the source of much strength for me as well!


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