Monday, April 11, 2011

Stress Relief Games

So, in lieu of last week which was the WORST week of Dental School for us so far! It was stress galore! If you want a reminder or a peak of how it all went down go here and here.(Disclaimer: I have never seen this movie and never will, so I am not suggesting you go rent it by ANY means. I just thought the clips were funny).

Since then I have deflated(thanks to Dr. Phil), and thought  I  would give some info on stress relief and management  Now there are the common ones like meditation, yoga, breath deeper and slower, eat chocolate(what? It works for me!), exercise, get a massage(MY FAVORITE!)  and many other great ideas! But today, I decided to be a little more unconventional. Have you ever heard of online stress relief games?  I am NOT a video game person, ya I have played some Mario in my day but, that is about as far as it goes. No Resident Evil for me or ANYONE in MY house!  Neither do I believe in wasting time on computers(blogging is not a waste of time, whoever said that, you in the 4th row!) Nor do I endorse online gaming! It can be addicting, but so can get my drift.

Movin' on...

Here are a few you can try, better yet play them with your kids!  They are simple and fun.

My All Time Favorite! Line Rider: This one is so much fun! You use your mouse to create a sledding course for a sledder. It is set up so simple but, my family has spent hours on this game.  Making the guy do loop-di-loops and crashing. You can also see demonstrations on what some professionals have done...pretty crazy!

My Other Favorite one so far: Starlight. This one is a virtual "Night Under the Stars." You just move the cursor until a shape appears in the sky!  Cool huh?! It's working on perceptual ability:)  I liked this because it was simple and cute. Nice and relaxing, you don't have to think! Your 3 year old, heck my 1 year old could do it!
(I apologize for all the ads, it must be how they make this site free)

Second Favortie: Waterfalls. This one is controlling a virtual stream of water.  Water is always nice to relax to. Why do you think everyone refers to beaches when they think of their dream vacation? This one you are just trying to keep a circle filled with water by using your cursor to control the stream.  Again, it's not rocket science but, pretty relaxing.

Third  favorite :Block Drop: This one I don't think is a stress reliever.  Although the colors in the backgrounds are restful.  It is a little more of a challenge than just moving a mouse. But, pretty fun!

Lastly: There are other ones you can check out, plus I am sure if you google "stress relief games" you may find better ones!  Like there is an ant squishing game, which sounds better than it is, and others.

That is all for now! I wish you a stress free night:0

Note: Reading blogs is another GREAT stress reliever.

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