Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 5 Things To Help Eliminate The Silent Killers In Our Homes

Can you guess what I am about to blog about today?? If you guessed Toxic are right!!! And not just in our cosmetics or cleaners. If you haven't guessed already I am pretty obsessed with learning about and ridding my home of toxic chemicals. Can't imagine why?  Let me tell you a story, when I was younger growing up I could care LESS about germs, toxins, diseases, anything related but what kid does? I was the kid who swallowed a battery(gave my mother a heart attack!) and didn't change her clothes or take a shower during a week long Girl's Camp! I thought my mother was a nut for making us wash our hands after we left the public restrooms( I already washed my hands!) Or she would wipe down the grocery store cart handles when we went shopping.  How embarrassing! However, now that I have Giggles and Big Eyes to worry about, I think I am worse than her in some ways!

Now, I know it seems everything these days causes some kind of disease or cancer or even a sneeze but if we listen and try to follow EVERYTHING the "specialists" suggest we would end up going crazy.  Let's be honest, what harm does a little exposure make? Right? WRONG!
We all know that it's the silent, steady and consistent exposure that can be a real killer. Just because someone smokes a cigarette once does that give them lung cancer?  Or just because I eat a piece of pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert just once a week, does that make me obese?  Of course not!  But, creating these bad habits can lead that way if we consistently choose them.  OR the reverse is true, and that is what I have been trying to say since I started this post...I am sure long winded...

All right, here they are:

 Top 5 Things To Help Eliminate The Silent Killers In Our Homes
(Not necessarily in this order)

1. Buy or Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors(remember, they plug in close to the floor NOT the ceiling, and don't run your car with the garage door closed)

2.Use Kid-Safe Natural Cleaners: Almost all possible poisonings (93%) happen at home, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, and 51% of them involve children under the age of 6. Click Here and Here for further info, it's shocking!( I can show you where to get the BEST kid-safe cleaners, laundry soap, other household items and cosmetics! Click Here and contact will be sooooo glad you did! I promise! I use them!)

3. Store All Vitamins, Medications and Cosmetics Out of Reach of Children. (Click Here and Here for more info...YIKES! Cosmetics? I honestly didn't think too much about that. I let my daughter play in my makeup bag to keep her busy while I put my face on...whoops!)

4. Get Your Water Tested.(Click HereHere  and Here for more Info...Who da Thought? I LOVE water and I probably drink way more than recommended but isn't that a good thing? Apparently not if you don't drink good water)

5. Improve Air Quality In Your Home( Click Here, Here and especially Here ....seriously? Ok, I REALLY don"t have the money to go and buy some fancy smanshy air purifier. Besides, I believe in the mucky baby theory! However, these websites sure make me wonder though...)

There you have it!  Please add to this list in the comments section if  you have any you can think of!  Thanks! Have a Healthy Day:)

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